Nutrition Information

Content Feeds to Promote Healthy Eating and Share Tips for Integrating a Healthier Diet

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Application Description

Nutrition Information App is actually two Content Feeds in One App, both updated every day with Fresh Content to support healthy eating and good nutrition for your team or students. This app features the new Animation 3 engine for over 20 different animated transition choices. Content Feeds Include:
Eatwise shares simple actionable tips for how to make simple changes to your diet to help you eat more nutritiously and support healthy weight.
Fruit and Vegetable Information provides a themed feed where different fruits and vegetables are highlighted for monthly, weekly, or daily themes. For each theme content includes Did you Know trivia, nutritional information, history, and tips for new ways to integrate the fruit or vegetable of the Day/Week/Month into your diet.

Configuration Options

Feed Choice, Time to show Each Item, Animation, Randomize, ISU Hawthorne

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