Introducing a Game Changing

Digital Signage Content Management System

How the MessagePoint.TV CMS Shatters the Status Quo

While Open REST API Web Services, Responsive Mobile First Design, Software as a Service, and Proactive Managed Support Services have Transformed the Way Software is Delivered for Most of Our Software Applications, the Digital Signage CMS Industry has stayed stubbornly stuck in the last decade.

For many clients it seems they only had two bad choices when it comes to Digital Signage CMS software.  On one side are bare-bones DIY App Store Based solutions with slow or non-existent discussion group based support that you can’t depend on to run a real signage network.  On the other side are the  expensive, cumbersome, and complex legacy CMS platforms that are too expensive, too slow to adapt and innovate, and seem to come with a never-ending stream of add-on expenses and premium modules and feeds.

We tore up the conventional rulebook and took everything our team had learned in two decades of creating pioneering Managed I.T. Services to re-imagine what a Digital Signage CMS should be. 

Built on a tightly integrated foundation of proven Web Services, Modular Hardware and Software (the “Maker Ethos”), the Expertise of Domain Experts in both Hardware and Software, and a driving passion to create a platform that SIMPLY WORKS for our clients.  The Result is a Digital Signage CMS that Delivers:

A Multi-Tier 1 Distributed Cloud Platform - Expensive Servers & Maintenance

Any Device / Any Location Web Console - Programs to Install

Any Display / Anywhere Support - Different CMS for Each Display Type

Unmatched Display OS Support - Proprietary Hardware

Over 100 Built-In Visual Apps & Content Feeds - Bare Bones DIY Content

HTML5 Framework with Open APIs - Expensive Customization

Unmatched Integration & IoT Capabilities - Closed Systems

Subscription Based Managed Service - Unplanned Expenses

Next Level Proactive Support & Ongoing Training - Onboard & Forget

IoT Integration

Utilize web connected devices to power incredibly capable modern interactive solutions.

Cloud Based

Fully enabled in a modern HTML5 Web Based Console that is accessible from any device.

Powerful Visual Apps

Don't start from scratch, leverage our extensive catalog of applications to tailor your solution.

Broad API Support

Integrate your favorite services and data vendors into your solutions with REST APIs

Custom Layouts

Our platform provides the ability to create custom screen layouts with up to 11 content zones per screen. Each content zone is 100% compatible with any content, visual application, or interactive touch ability currently supported by the CMS. Even non-standard screen sizes are supported by our solution, dynamically integrating with any display resolution or aspect ratio natively, without the need for additional development. Simply use our intuitive, easy-to-use drag and drop tool to create new content layouts.

Quickly Build Campaigns

Create dynamic campaigns with a intuitive drag & drop interface. Simply drag your media onto the campaign timeline tool to develop your campaign with an at-a-glance view of content in the rotation. Adjusting the length swapping out content on the fly, with each content zone managed independently.

Dynamic Scheduling

Expansive options for scheduling content allow the user to take control. From the basics like time and date, the capacity only grows. With options for auto-expiration, dynamic conditions, such as weather, local event feeds, and emergency alert systems, our platform gives the user industry-leading schedule customization.  

Cloud-Based Content Composition

Leverage the power of our browser-based visual content composition tool to quickly collaborate and design content for campaigns without ever leaving the MP.TV window. The Composition Tool is easy enough for even the most design-averse office professional, with the ability to drag/drop existing content, adjust backgrounds/canvas size, incorporate text, group artifacts and create layered compositions.  

Broad Compatibility


MKV, AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG , Flash animations










HTML, CSS, JavaScript

IoT Sensors



Custom Font


Web / RSS Feeds