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Empower Your Message!

Information Ecosystem

From Downtown to the suburban periphery, to the rural precincts, TransitPoint keeps your riders in-the-know.


Information Transportation

On board Transit Digital Signage by Message Point Media - bus station

Help Your Riders Make Connections

Our Intermodal solutions interface with most major interstate providers, local transit agencies, and other forms of transportation like bike sharing to create a seamless canopy of real-time information for visitors throughout your facility.

Dynamically Driven Alerts

Dare to think beyond schedules! integrate TransitPoint Intermodal with GPS, RFID, or our own TransitPoint Sonar beacons to create automatic audible and visual alerts for arrivals and departures.

BJCTA Intermodal Service Alert

However Your Riders Say Hello...

Overcome language barriers! TransitPoint Intermodal supports Text-to-Speech and Cloud-based translation in over 20 languages. Help your passengers get to where they’re going, no matter where they come from.

Compliance Shouldn't Mean Complacence

ADA compliance is no afterthought for us. Our solutions feature a full range of high-contrast visuals, text-to-speech, and a range of buttons, switches, and sensors to make sure your facility information is fully accessible for all passengers! 

Wayside ADA Schedule App

Mobile Moving


Keep your message moving in route with our industry leading TransitPoint Mobile Onboard Infotainment displays. MP.TV Mobile Intelligent (MPTV-M Series) displays are designed from the ground up to provide outstanding performance in a compact, reliable, self-contained packages.  Our solutions combine brains, beauty and mobility to bring your passengers a first class onboard experience.

Provide real-time route information to your riders while on-board, with dynamically triggered announcements, including next stops, stop requested, service alerts, and emergency alerts.

Transit on-bus digital smart signage
Antique compass on ancient map

Maintainining connectivity is a breeze, with options for connecting to on-board Wi-Fi or integrated LTE network adapters. Locational awareness allows content geo-fencing to ensure content is always relevant.

Advertising Plus provides a complete sub-system designed to support a robust advertising and sponsorship model. Successfully compete for advertising dollars and/or attract the best ad sales partners with:


Side Finding Cool

Bring dynamic passenger information to every stop! With our solutions for waysides and un-sheltered stops, we have blown away the misconception that it’s too expensive and maintenance intensive to deploy intelligent signage your entire system.

Rugged, custom designed casings are designed to handle anything the environment can throw at it. From desert heat, to northern winters, to tropical hurricanes, we’ve engineered our solutions for resilience and reliability.

Our Active Anti-Vandalism System is designed to protect your infrastructure investment from the hazards of the commons. Integrated sensors monitor and detect  possible vandalism, with dynamically triggered auditory warnings, displaying live surveillance footage, and when necessary, collection of evidence. 

Low-Power, High

Visibility Information

Low-Powered models give you the flexibility to expand your message to stops without a ready source of power.

Using Solar Panels and advanced battery technologies, our low-power designs can run even on cloudy days, with the ability to run for 36 hours with no charge at all from the solar panel.

Our low-power E-Ink kiosks provide high-visibility, low-power solutions for off-grid use-cases. Power the content on our E-ink screens from the same content management system as our LCD models. 

Transflective screens give you the functionality of an LCD screen while keeping energy consumption low.