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Message Point Media was founded to be a different kind of visual communications company. Guided by a nationally recognized pioneer of the managed technology services industry, we started with a simple question:

Why Do So Many Digital Communications Projects Fail To Deliver?

We believe that the answer usually traces back to an organizational deficit in one or more of the key skillsets required to design and maintain today’s complex interconnected systems. 

Buying and installing equipment or software is the easy part! Getting it connected to all your information, staying up to date with technology, and keeping the system constantly fed with compelling visual content that demands attention is where it gets hard. 

That's Where We Come In... We ROCK at those things!

  • As digital natives, we design our solutions to be flexible, agile, and reliable.
  • We live for new challenges, and we only hire people who love what they do.
  • We believe our services should adapt to your organization, not the other way around.
  • We play nice with your other vendors, and we don’t point fingers.


When you are a Message Point client, our success is tied to your success, and your mission becomes our mission.

Our Values

Message Point is Guided By a Set of Core Values That Provide the Foundation For How We Design Our Service Offerings and How We Support Our Clients. Understand these Five Principles and You Understand the Partnership You Can Expect From Our Organization

We Provide a Public Service

People depend on the information our service provides. Therefore what we provide must be accurate, understandable, and deliver the highest possible levels of reliability.

Technology Serves Mission

Technology is an amazing and transformative tool that can solve many problems, but it must always be in service to the mission and not simply because it is cool or new or trendy

Simplify First Then Add

First make what we create as simple as possible and eliminate unnecessary complexity. Only when it is as simple as we can make it add functionality and necessary complexity

We Own the Complexity

When complexity can't be removed, it is our job to own that complexity and as much as possible protect our client's from it. We are best equipped to manage the complex elements of the service

Why is the Most Important Question

If you can get to the core "Why" of a need, a failure, or a client request vs. the "What" you have the best chance to deliver a real permanent solution instead of a "band-aid" fix

Our Global Team

Built from the ground up as a global managed services company, we always have somebody who has had their morning cup of coffee. With Support, Development and Manufacturing operations around the world, the sun never sets on Message Point Media’s support.

Our Strength in Numbers

Screens Under Management

Leadership Team

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Hardware Design

Screens Under Management

of the Top 50 Cities in North America

Leadership Team

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Application Development

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Hardware Design

Tailored Intelligent Display Models

Our Clients

Message Point is Proud to Manage Signage Networks For a Broad Spectrum of Organizations Including

Our Design Process

Client Centered Design

Message Point Media's proven process for developing content starts with understanding your unique audience and message. No cookie cutter one-size fits all content here!
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We only hire people who love what they do. If you are passionate about working collaboratively with other creative client centered professionals to deliver fanatical customer service we might be perfect for each other!
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